Fox news is the reason why america is so divided.

JAMES BUCK. 5/24/21 12:04 AM. Fox news. The propaganda machine that demonizes joe biden, Promotes racism and sexism and hate. Is the reason why america is so divided. When conservatives say. “CNN is the reason why america is so divided. They don’t point out their own media. Which you know, Incites Violence, Riots, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Nazism and more and promotes hatred. THATS ALL FOX NEWS DOES. If it wasn’t for Fox News, Conservatives and trump. Neo-nazis would not exist, Freedom would happen and america would not have as much hatred. THEY ARE THE REASON. And you have to take action. Don’t let conservative propaganda brainwash your kids or yourself. Take action. Boycott conservative fake media. Fund Truthful media and tell conservatives the good biden has done. But thats all we can do. Taking action against conservative media will really MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN -James Buck — 2021

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