JAMES BUCK. 8/18/21 3:45 AM.

Image Source: NBC New York

There have been over 16,000 Recent cases from the delta variant. Here’s what to do about it.

Boycott Conservative Media:

Conservative Media has been brainwashing people into vaccine conspiracies and horrible stuff. It would be a great step.

Add mask mandates and lockdowns:

Despite whiny conservatives being more concerned about the economy and “freedom” than actual lives. Lockdowns should be re-enacted and we should try a socialist concept. Which is giving out $4000/month checks to people affected. How we would do this is cut defense spending. Mask mandates should be strictly enforced if you are…

8/18/21 3:20 AM. James Buck.

Twitter and Facebook logos, Google images.

The debate that facebook and twitter are “censoring” citizens has been a conservative debate that has been talked about for a long time. And we will debunk this debate.

**So are social media companies actually censoring american citizens?**

Well, The short answer is No. But we will get into more detail and try to explain this in the most simple way possible. Yes, There are free speech laws in the United states that prohibit people like governments and police from arresting people for saying something or having political opinion. …

JAMES BUCK. 5/24/21 1:52 AM

SML Plush Show. The popular YouTube channel has been demonetized and age-restricted and removed and got Community Guidelines strikes countlessly and sued for good reason. Because he’s dangerous for kids.

“He promotes trump, Nazism, Anti-BLM, Sexism, Homophobia, Racism and more with a puppet show for children. To brainwash them into having a conservative agenda.” — Expert Dave Darkinson -2021. His videos are for 17 AND UP! And are one star rating according to common sense media. “Logan also keeps complaining that he got sued. Even If its obvious. Using mario characters to promote nazism and racism Isn’t Okay.” — Dave Darkinson 2021. Don’t watch SML and Don’t let your kids watch it. Prevent conservative brainwashing. Report the content. That’s it for the story


BREAKING NEWS: Fox media star tucker carlson told his brainwashed viewers to: “Confront people who wear a mask outdoors” And that “Mask do nothing” Even if there is scientific evidence that they do work. But Conservatives Don’t listen to science. They just make up nonsensical conspiracy theories about everything. DO YOU want to live in a america with climate changer deniers, Anti-Mask Conspiracy theorist and White Supremacist. IS THIS what you can tolerate. I am suprised if you can honestly. We should boycott Fox News propaganda machine ASAP.

Fox News already failed…

JAMES BUCK. 5/24/21 12:04 AM. Fox news. The propaganda machine that demonizes joe biden, Promotes racism and sexism and hate. Is the reason why america is so divided. When conservatives say. “CNN is the reason why america is so divided. They don’t point out their own media. Which you know, Incites Violence, Riots, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, Nazism and more and promotes hatred. THATS ALL FOX NEWS DOES. If it wasn’t for Fox News, Conservatives and trump. Neo-nazis would not exist, Freedom would happen and america would not have as much hatred. THEY ARE THE REASON. And you have to take…

6/15/20 10:32 AM BY JAMES BUCK

Picture of wendys being burned. IMAGE SOURCE: FOX5 ATLANTA.

The wendys fire has made over 10 already struggling people lose their jobs and made the franchise lose their job. But it isn’t BLM or ANTIFA that did it like the right wing media says. Nope, It was most likely trump supporters. What I believe: During a blm rally. Conservative trump supporters snuck into the protest. Just to burn it down and blame BLM and ANTIFA. This is what I Believe anyways. Bye. Thanks for reading.

5/8/2021 6:26 PM BY JAMES BUCK

Seamus. Aka: Freedomtoons is a popular political satire web series on YouTube. He has gained a following of over 600K subscribers.
Anyways, To the article. Freedomtoons has been brainwashing kids into becoming nazis with his content for years. This is especially shown by his. “Fighting nazis before and now” video which promotes neo-nazism.

And his Trump good, Biden bad. Videos. As he consistently promotes trump and makes offensive jokes on biden. Hes also known to insult Blacklivesmatter protesters and anybody who dares to fight racism and nazism.

He is also known to promote the…

12:05 PM- 4/24/21 — JAMES BUCK

Trump thinks he can run for president again even if he already got impeached.

11:56AM 4/24/21 BY JAMES BUCK

Joe Biden is already great. whats there not to like about him. I mean, He likes ice cream and is not super racist like trump. But we did not expect him to literally make history. Basically a ufo sighting happened at the pentagon. One of our awesome navy pilots got to record the sighting. And you might be thinking “This is definitely fake!” But its actually real! Crazy, right! Joe biden and the pentagon has confirmed this! Which means he made history!


  • Biden will help children in need.
  • Biden will seek to raise taxes on millionaire investors to fund education and other spending priorities as part of an effort to overhaul the U.S. economy.
  • Reports said the president is expected to release the proposal formally next week as a way to fund spending in the upcoming American Families Plan.
  • Biden will seek an increase in the tax on capital gains to 39.6% for those Americans earning more than $1 million, according to reports.


Biden will raise taxes for people to help fund education and child care…

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